Reign Energy Drinks

Reign is in a 8 oz can with 2 servings per can. With 300MG of caffeine, infused with B3 ,B6, B12, and 70 MG of potassium. This delicious drink could, if used improperly or if you have any underlying health conditions, send you to the hospital so just be cautious when drinking them and don’t overdo it. Reign is the best energy drink on the market by taste. Also you can enjoy it at the price of 036;3.00 at mostly any gas station in the U.S. You can drink them before work, in the morning, before the gym, while gaming, or anything at all basically because it gives little to no caffeine crash and tons of energy. It is also good for the gym because Reign is infused with L-Citrulline which makes your veins protrude more and Creatine which boosts your muscle mass and will help you become stronger. Always remember to be careful drinking energy drinks and never overdo it. If your tolerance becomes too high then just stop for a few weeks, or switch to a better alternative like coffee or a non caffeinated beverage with the same effects if you’re drinking it for lifting purposes.