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The Argus is the online newspaper of St. Marys High School. The site is updated weekly by students. Reporters’ opinions do not necessarily reflect those of the school or of the Board of Education. The Argus welcomes signed Letters to the Editor and reserves the right to refuse any offensive material in submitted letters, copy or advertisements.

Now, you may have noticed that this newspaper is not perfect. We apologize for any errors that you find. At the bottom of the Home Page please locate the link to submit a letter for correction. We will make it right as quickly as possible. We cringe just as much, if not MORE, at every mistake we find. Enjoy reading; we have put our hearts into it for you.

DISCRIMINATION PROHIBITED: As required by Federal laws and regulations, the PLEASANTS COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, religion, disability, age and national origin in employment and in the administration of any of its education programs and activities. Inquires may be directed to: Kimberly Kerher, Title IX Coordinator and Section 504 Coordinator, Pleasants County Board of Education, 202 Fairview Drive St. Marys WV 26170, Phone: (304) 684-2215 or 684-2216; to the State Elimination of Sex Discrimination Project Coordinator, 558-7864, to the State Section 504 Coordinator , 558-2696, West Virginia Department of Education, Charleston, WV 25305; or to the U.S. Department of Education’s Director of the Office for Civil Rights, (215) 596-6795

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