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SoftballThu, May 16 Petersburg (State)2-3L
Petersburg (State)2-3L
SoftballThu, May 16 Petersburg (State)2-0W
Petersburg (State)2-0W
SoftballWed, May 15 Central Catholic (Regional9-0W
Central Catholic (Regional9-0W
SoftballWed, May 15 Midland Trail (State)19-0W
Midland Trail (State)19-0W
SoftballWed, May 15 Petersburg (State)9-0W
Petersburg (State)9-0W
SoftballTue, May 14 Central Catholic (Regional1-2L
Central Catholic (Regional1-2L
SoftballMon, May 13 Central Catholic (Regional3-0W
Central Catholic (Regional3-0W
SoftballFri, May 10 Hurricane1-5L
BaseballWed, May 08 Williamstown- Sectionals2-11L
Williamstown- Sectionals2-11L
BaseballThu, May 02 Roane County11-0W
Roane County11-0W
BaseballThu, May 02 Tyler Consolidated- Sectio5-2W
Tyler Consolidated- Sectio5-2W
SoftballThu, May 02 Ritchie County (Sectionals16-0W
Ritchie County (Sectionals16-0W
BaseballTue, Apr 30 Wirt County11-1W
Wirt County11-1W
SoftballTue, Apr 30 Ritchie County (Sectionals3-1W
Ritchie County (Sectionals3-1W
BaseballMon, Apr 29 South Harrison13-3W
South Harrison13-3W
SoftballMon, Apr 29 Williamstown (Sectionals)20-1W
Williamstown (Sectionals)20-1W
SoftballFri, Apr 26 Doddridge (NOC)2-1W
Doddridge (NOC)2-1W
BaseballFri, Apr 26 Notre Dame14-9W
Notre Dame14-9W
SoftballFri, Apr 26 Roane County (LKC Champ)4-0W
Roane County (LKC Champ)4-0W
BaseballThu, Apr 25 Tyler Consolidated3-2W
Tyler Consolidated3-2W
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