Purple Hearts

“Purple hearts” has got to be my favorite movie! It has a lot of everything including love, action and loads more. This movie teaches you a lot about love and losing people. It also teaches about not taking things for granted. My personal opinion on this movie is that it’s a great movie to watch if you like emotional movies or just are bored and need a really touchy movie to watch.
It’s easy to gain a personal connection with the characters because you either relate to them or just feel bad for them. The events were also very believable and so real. You get a first hand experience almost, the feelings are so strong and real it feels like you are going through it too. The plot is kind of confusing because one minutes he’s in war and the other he’s not. It’s also confusing because one minute they are actually in love and the next they aren’t.
I watched this movie a couple months ago at my friend Reese’s house. I recommend this movie to teens and middle aged people because some parts are hard to understand. I give this movie a 10 out of 10 because you learn so much through this movie.