SM in the AM Returns


Katie Lemon

Elyssa West and Mackenzie Smith act as news anchors for the show.

“SM in the AM” has returned to Saint Marys High School for the first time in nearly 20 years. This year the news show is being recorded during Mrs. Campano’s third period Newspaper class. Students in the class on not required to speak on the show, but must help with recording, directing or script writing. The news team records their shows in the studio-the room directly across from Mrs. Campano.
The show is typically recorded two to three days in advance. They share the date, school announcements, sports schedules and other upcoming events. They end each show with a joke.
The slogan is “Where we’re in with the purple and out with the blue.” The students in the newspaper class are Brianna Barker, Erika Becker, Olivia Birkhimer, Emily Blanton, Isabella Davis, Emily Hadley, Charity Hannah, Adam Kaufman, Caraline Lancaster, Katie Lemon, Emma Powell, Olivia Shingleton, Mackenzie Smith, Jennifer Turner, Ethan Weikart and Elyssa West.