Why Are Yearbooks So Expensive?


The yearbook is a part of the school year a lot of students look forward to. Especially seniors because it shows the last year of their whole school life. Also it is a great opportunity for everybody else to have a look at the past years. However, why is it so expensive?
There are a lot of reasons for the high price of the book. The two biggest reasons are during its fabrication. First of all, the yearbooks are made of thick paper, which is used to get a better quality. The second reason is the use of color ink, which is used a lot in a yearbooks for a high number of pictures. Also, most of the high school yearbooks get a better binding and a hardcover. This is to help improve the quality, and lifespan of the book.
The price also depends on how big the high school is. A bigger high school has more students and more events, sports and clubs, which leads to a higher number of pages, since the schools try to get everyone featured on at least one page of the yearbook. Also every sport, club and a lot of the events get one or more on pages. This is just another reason that contributes to the higher price.
Another reason that could make the yearbooks more expensive is the number of ordered yearbooks. If a school orders more yearbooks, the price of each year books shrinks. For example, if every student of a school would order a yearbook, the price would be lower.
The price range of the yearbooks is depending on school, region and manufacturer. There can be price differences of almost $100. But we should be thankful because the company charges $90 for our books. Luckily, our school sells advertising, which pays for a portion of the cost, so students pay $50 to $60.