Is Screentime Affecting Your Eyesight?


Do you think that screen time affects your eyesight? When people look at computers, phones and TVs it does affect eyesight in different ways. When people look at screens they tend to blink less which then causes burning, itching, blurry vision and heavy or tired eyes. These symptoms could lead to headaches and even stress. The discomfort caused by screen time can become worse over time. While it isn’t likely to cause permanent damage, it can get worse without early treatment. A good way to reduce these symptoms are to watch TV or you look at a computer for only twenty minutes at a time, then take a break before going any further.
Most people don’t know that people are supposed to sit an arms length away from their phone or tablet. Sitting far enough away from a device can save the person’s eyes from the symptoms listed above. As phones have improved the past few years, optometrists have noticed an increase in patients complaining of irritability. There really isn’t any way to avoid screens, this is why its important to limit screen time.
Causing this much strain to your eyes is also the reason why getting regular check ups at your local eye care clinic is very important. Doctors are noticing that Computer Vision Syndrome is appearing in younger people and most children. The world is now becoming a technologically advanced community that causes more and more cases of Computer Vision Syndrome.
Spending time inside watching a phone or TV may or may not lead you to become nearsighted in the future. The irritation to someones eyes such as screen time can lead to trouble sleeping. While some videos that these young adults may be watching can help prepare them for their future, it can still be too much on their eyes. Take care of your eyes by limiting your screen time.