AP Classes Offered at SMHS

AP classes are three of the many classes that St. Marys High School offers. There are three teachers that teach these classes. Teachers include: Mrs.Taylor, AP Environmental Science, Mrs. Mayfield, AP Language and English 101 and Mrs. Nichols, AP Calculus. These classes allow you to earn college credit. Students must take the AP test for the corresponding class in the spring. Most US colleges give credit for a score of three or above. The test is scored on a scale from 1-5. According to a collegeboard.com, the average number of students who earn at least a three on the tests is less than 10 percent. AP classes tend to be more challenging than regular classes, but if you have the motivation you can complete them with a high grade.
The teachers were asked by me to describe the AP class that they teach. Here is a look at their responses:

Mrs. Nichols- AP Calculus teacher
To do well in an AP course- especially AP Calculus, one must be resilient and persevere. I love teaching calculus because it challenges me too!

Mrs. Taylor- AP Environmental Science teacher
AP Environmental Science is designed to teach you about environmental science, prepare you, teach you about ecology and the environment. It prepares you to take the AP test where you can get a college credit, a lot of hands on labs and science that everyone uses in everyday life.

Mrs. Mayfield- AP Language and English 101
I’m quite excited that we are combining AP language and English 101 for dual credit this year. This means students can earn college credit if they pass the course with at least a C- guaranteed! Plus, they wont need to take the AP exam in May.