What’s going on in the Theatre Department?

Wyatt Norman paints Jericho Brookover’s face white.

The theater class has been hard at work this year, doing many things to get prepared for the class. They do warm up activities and vocalizing exercises to help get the class started and to get prepared to act. They have been practicing observation and pantomime. The next unit will be improvisation.
Last year, the class was able to put on a play in the spring. This year the theater class hopes to put on a play in the spring as well as in the winter. The students in the theater class are: Alexis Nichols, Andrew Smith, Ben Long, Briawna Riggs, Emily Blanton, Faith Bunner, Gavin Carpenter, Isiah Cox, Jean Michel, Jericho Brookover, Karly Starcher, Kenzie Heflin, Lara Fetty, Marissa Brookover, Matty Lamp, Natalea Mumaw, Natalie Malone, Noah Stover, Rylee Schmidt, Triston Payne, Wiley Houser and Wyatt Norman.