Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is a very serious thing. Peer pressure can lead to some very bad things. For example, bullying behaviors, drinking alcohol, drug use and negative body image. The effects of such behaviors can decrease self-confidence, self-worth and distance from family members and friends. These are all obvious negative effects.

Peer pressure is something that is alot harder to deal with than you would think. It can be very hard for someone to say no and not do something than to just say yes. You might worry about what others think of you and if they will view you differently. After saying no and not doing the same things that the other people you’re with are doing, you might feel like you don’t fit in. they also might not hangout with you anymore because they think you’re “lame”.

Social media can play a big role in peer pressure too. “Social media adds a significant dimension to peer pressure. Peer pressure-related posts may include images of unrealistic lifestyles or body image (for example using image filters), risky behavior and alcohol and drug use.” seeing these things can make people want to do them.