Free Willy

“Free Willy” is a movie about a killer whale who a group of kids are trying to set free from a river/ cruel people trying to do lots of tests on him and end up killing him. I have watched this movie multiple times but the first time was at my grandpa’s house when I was just really little. I wouldn’t say the plot is confusing but you definitely have to pay attention.
You gain a “special connection” with the characters meaning the movie gets very emotional toward the end and start feeling bad. I would give the acting a 10/10 the characters are always in character and never slip up or anything. I would say all the events are very believable and real life like.
This is the only movie like it, yes there is like a part two or three, but no other movie has the same plot or “meaning”. I learned to always love each other and help people when you think they need it. I would rate this movie a 10/10 and recommend everyone to watch it.