Should Students Have Phones in School?


Having phones in school is a must have. There are many pros and cons but mainly pros. It is shown that benefits that come from phones are, Parental contact, School closures, Scheduling, Research, Reduced workload for secretarial staff, Emergencies, Note taking, and Keeping tabs. If you have no phone or nothing to communicate with you have no way of contacting anyone outside of the building. This means, no contacting law enforcement, no parents, no communicating with friends throughout the building, nothing.
You might think that since there are school phones then you can still do all those things and you will be fine. Although if your school catches fire, there is a school shooting, there are threats, or there is an intruder. You will most likely be hiding or not always right next to a school phone. You never know when things like that will happen and you definitely do not plan for it so how would you know when you’ll need a phone.
If you have your cell phone with you all the time like most teenagers do then no matter where you are you have a way of contacting someone, even people inside the building. Maybe you need help, or maybe you need to inform someone on something that’s happening or about to happen. So many bad things have been happening in this world recently, and danger in schools has been increasing so much. You never feel completely safe in schools anymore.
As long as you are on and off your phone when you are told, you should be allowed to have your phone. It doesn’t hurt anyone. Teachers are always so quick to jump the gun about phones and say absolutely not, but never think about the benefits that come from cell phones. They truly can benefit us.