Theater Class Hard at Work

Mrs. Amber Campano has been in charge of the theater department for five years now. She is using her English-literature background to inspire students to get involved in theatre. In the first few weeks of school students worked to improve their ability to think on their feet and work with others.
This years play is titled, “Did Someone Say Murder?”. You join an array of wacky characters and they dine and watch to world’s greatest detective, Rathbone, solve murders right in front of their eyes. The only catch is, anyone can be the victim, and you’re own in finishing the evening alive.
“It has been a huge honor getting to work with such a talented group of kids. From the first read-through, they have been nothing short of passionate and hardworking all throughout the rehearsal process. As a director (who is incredibly devoted to theater) I have been blessed with the amazing opportunity to bring what I love to SMHS, and I thank Mrs. Campano for every bit of that.”, says Director Willow Peyton.
This year’s class and cast include, Alexia Allman, Hannah Dutton, Clayton Gray, Virginia Haddox, Autumn Harper, Isaac Mayle, Joleen McBrayer, Kendall McGee, Jack Peyton, Maddie Sherrod, Alayne Smith, Karly Starcher, Bella Tagliarini, Natalie Taylor, Cole Thoman, Emma Weikart, and student director Willow Peyton.
“I look forward to seeing our production all come together on the stage for our performance of “Did Someone Say Murder?” and give the audience an amazing show!”, says Peyton. The SMHS theatre will take the stage on December 14 at the SMHS auditorium.