Is Social Media a Good Thing?

There are a ton of benefits from social media but there are always some bad things. Some of the cons to social media are, reaching a large crowd without going anywhere, making money, building brands, contacting people if needed, and so much more.

Just like any other thing there are some cons to it. Some of the cons that come with social media can be, giving people the opportunity to do and say hurtful things, it’s addicting, makes people feel alone, catfishing, and so much more. These things can do alot of damage and have bad outcomes. But this can be anything. All things have their pros and cons. Nothing will ever be perfect.

I personally think that there are more good than bad things that social media comes with. I don’t know what I’d do without social media. I use it everyday, all day. I use it to keep in contact with family, people i don’t see everyday, and for so much more. I also love meeting new people over social media. In conclusion, I believe that social media benefits us. The world would not be the same if there wasn’t social media.