Phones in School

Do you think there should be phones in school? Phones should be allowed to have phones in school and here are some reasons. First, some people use them as a comfort thing or to even help them learn. Other reasons are that it’s an easy emergency contact thing, it is way easier to get ahold of then a school phone or even a teacher or older adult.

Many people think that phones are just distractions and do nothing good but they really aren’t. Many teachers will say it’s easier for students to cheat or cellphones “disconnect” students from the real world. But that isn’t true cellphones help students focus, yeah some may try to use them for cheating and trying to give or get the answers. But think of the ones that dont, like me i use my phone to listen to music and it helps me think, it actually helps me focus. They also say it’s a safe thing, but in reality cellphones are not good things in almost every way.

Cell Phones bring so many good things to this world but nobody takes the time to stop and realize it. These things can help in so many ways while in class, this includes getting help faster, accessing the educational apps faster, getting ahold of parents faster, and over all just feeling more comfortable. Yes there are some bad things that come with having cell phones out or with us in class but there are way more pros and good things that come out of it.