Redeeming Love

“Redeeming Love” is one of my absolute favorite movies ever. It shows hard times and good times through the whole movie. I watched this movie at my house with my family. The plot of this movie is pretty easy to understand.
I really like the characters and their backstories because it adds to it. This movie shows a lot of hard times women had to face back in the day, and how difficult things used to be. If you like romantic movies with happy endings then this movie is for you. It shows a lot of trouble and sad times at the beginning, but ends in the best way.
The movie was way better than I expected. Romantic movies are my favorite ones. Near the end of the movie I wasn’t so sure it would have a happy ending but it did, I think that is why I liked it so much. It was unexpected. I learned from this movie that things do get better, always stay positive, and I also learned that sometimes people come into your life for a good reason and to help you, not to hurt you or to make things worse.
Overall I would rate this movie a 9.5 out of 10, and I would recommend it for a date night.