Does Social Media Put Too Much Pressure on Teens?

The internet is one of the most used things nowadays. It’s a way to get information, communicate, and so much more. But the internet has started doing more than just give information and allow you to communicate. Sometimes it affects people in good ways, such as making them famous, making them money, meeting people, helping out people, and more. But it also affects people in a negative way. Some of the negative effects are, bullying, crimes, not having time for anything else, feeling like you have to be someone you’re not, and so much more.

Being on social media all the time gives you the time to see the pressure and all negative things that come along with it. When feeling pressure you feel like you need to fit in, act and feel a certain way. The most pressure comes when social media starts distracting you, disrupting your sleep, and exposure to bullying, rumor spreading, unrealistic views of other people’s lives and peer pressure. All of these things can take a toll on someone’s mental health. There is increasing evidence that the Internet and social media can influence suicide-related behavior.

When you are a young adult or teen it’s hard to step back and realize what the problem is. It’s hard to stop to better yourself because you don’t really realize the toll it has on you. You also never realize that what you see on the internet and what you compare your life to, is just little clips, one photo, or one highlight of someone’s life. They don’t tell you how their lives really are and how miserable social media can make them too. Mental health experts say they are concerned about some of the pressures social media poses to this age group.