Is the Dress Code Too Strict?

Some people think that school dress codes are way too strict. Some would say that the dress code is not good enough. Some believe the dress code is targeted, with that being some people think that the dress code isn’t targeted. Some believe that being able to dress the way you want can help you express yourself. That being some people aren’t confident enough to express themselves any other way but how they dress.

Some people believe that dress code isn’t important. They think that students should be able to wear what they want and when they want. It is proven that more students come to school when they are able to feel comfortable in what they wear. It is also said that people think that boys get distracted by girls when they wear revealing clothes. A Lot of people don’t believe that, but clearly some people do.

People would be more likely to come to school, enjoy learning more and be more comfortable at school if the dress code was less strict.