The NCAA Football league is better than the NFL because who wants to go to a late sunday night football game knowing you have to go to work in the morning. Saturday on the other hand you get to go home and go to bed knowing you have a free saturday to watch football.There are also much better rivalry games in college football such as Michigan-Ohio State, USC-UCLA, WVU-PITT. NFL stadiums also have no character compared to college stadiums mostly always in downtown parts of cities.

Student sections! It Is a huge thing in college football that will give you the best memories ever. Tailgating is a big college tradition, although the NFL does tailgate there’s nothing compared to college tailgating. From grilling with friends, meeting new people, to cornhole and passing around football with the kids. College football players play with pride for their fans, family, and the hometown of their team. Can’t forget marching bands.

They just give you a nostalgic feeling being there on a saturday and hearing the band. Now lastly are fans, It’s understandable that you can be from your hometown NFL team and a diehard fan. But nothing beats college alumni fans who wear that college name on their sleeve with pride. Also not every state has a NFL team. Every state has a college team so they’ll be a lot more diehard college fans.