It’s been awhile since I have watched the show “Cheer” but when I did, it motivated me to try harder and work harder on certain skills. I watched this show at my house on Netflix. I would say the plot is necessarily confusing, but the whole team is tumbling, stunting and doing their own thing, so it can be hard to pay attention to what you’re supposed to be paying attention to.There are two seasons and 15 episodes. While watching this show you kind of gain a connection to it and the characters. Meaning you will always have a favorite and like a specific part in the movie more than others. In the show “Cheer” there really isn’t much acting, it’s mostly a reality tv show. The events were believable because as me being a cheerleader you know what is to expect and what isn’t.

A show similar to this one would be “Cheer Squad.” Which is another cheer show but with a different team. They both compete in world series and little competitions, but still on a different level of cheer. It’s kind of hard learning from this show because it is very hard to learn by just watching something. I would recommend this show to other cheerleaders and their family members. I rate this show a 10 out of 10.