I watched “Elvis” this month at my house. The movie is basically a brief run through of Elvis Presley’s life. This movie in my opinion was both a drama, and a documentary. The plot is not really confusing, it’s literally just about his life and the ups and downs he’s faced. This movie made me care a lot more about Elvis and his life way more than I did before. The acting was very good, everything was so similar to the real events that actually happened made everything so believable. The beginning of the movie really stood out to me because it shows how everything started.

Other movies that are similar are just documentaries about a famous person’s life, that’s all this movie was really about. When watching this movie I really realized how bad Elvis’s life was, how much I actually felt bad, how much drugs can ruin you, and the ups and downs that come with all the fame. I would recommend this movie to people who are fans of Elvis, people who like documentaries, and really anyone. I never would have recommended it to myself or seen it as something I would like or like to watch, but I ended up really enjoying it. Overall I give this movie an eight out of 10.