SMHS Welcomes New Teachers

This year SMHS has welcomed two new teachers to the staff. Mrs. Bridgette Casto and Mr. Joseph Semple have filled two huge roles in the area of fine arts. The first couple weeks they were solely focused on learning the names of students and staff, along with trying to get situated and adjusted. They both have a lot of experience in their positions, and really enjoy what they do and the bonds they create. They are looking forward to a fun, eventful year at SMHS.
Mr. Semple stated that one thing he would change about the school would be “both temporary and permanent artwork exhibits on display.” And one thing he greatly enjoys about our school is “the tradition of excellence of all parts, including students and staff.”
Mrs. Casto stated the one thing she would change would be the transition from the elementary school and the high school, though she loves the elementary students, she says “there is so much to do here with the band” and would love to be here all day. One thing she enjoys about our school would be, how welcoming the students and staff are and purple is her favorite color!