Health Project Winners Announced

Congratulations to the following Students who placed in the top 8 of the 2022 Health 3-D Projects.
1st place Jolene McBrayer (Per 1) Her topic was the “Effects of Divorce on Children” and she made a “House Divided” for her 3-D Project.
2nd place Drake Duty (Per 6) His topic was “Hypoxin in Aviation” and he made an “Airplane” for his 3-D Project.
3rd place Jacob Wilson (Per 4) His topic was “Drunk Driving” and he had made a “Smashed Truck Scene”
4th place Willow Peyton (Per 1) Her topic was “Covid” and she made a “Covid Germ Puppet and Body Board” for her 3-D Project.
5th place Ava Giovinazzo (Per 1) Her topic was “Seasonal Allergies” and she made a “Pollen Box and Tissues” for her 3-D Project.
6th place Elexis Webb (Per 4) Her topic was “No Smoking” and she made a “Box of Cigarettes with Cigarettes” for her 3-D Project.
7th place Alayna Smith (Per 1) Her topic was “A Lung Nodule” and she made an “MRI Scanner” for her 3-D Project.
8th place Tyler Dalrymple (Per 7) His topic was “Sports Related Injuries” and he made “Crutches for his 3-D Project.