The Dark Knight

Jay Mote, Journalism I Student

“The Dark Knight” is a movie directed by Christopher Nolan. The movie came out in 2008 and was a box office hit. The film starred Christian Bale as Batman, Heath Ledger as the Joker and Aaron Elkhart as Two-face.

We follow the Batman as he takes down the mob in Gotham City along with Commissioner Gordon, Gary Oldman, and Harvey Dent the district attorney. The mob then hires an anarchist named the Joker to kill the Batman. Harvey Dent gets caught in the crossfire and ends up having half of his face burned off to become Two-face. The Batman then has to try to thwart both of these villains who are out to get him. The story really has a lot of meaning and has an interesting take on Two-Face’s origin story. Inserting a rule-breaking, chaos-loving villain destroys the typical plot run where the characters just react and retaliate against one another until one of them wins because he doesn’t do any predictable or normal. This makes for a really exciting and fun to watch story as we see the world’s greatest detective try to stop a man who defies all logic.

The casting for this movie was incredible. There are so many roles that nail both the looks and personalities of their characters. The return of Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman playing Lucius Fox, Gary Oldman, and Michael Caine as Alfred were smart choices because they did really good in the prequel to this movie.

In my opinion, Heath Ledger as the Joker is in the conversation for best performance of all time. I know that there are very many actors who have played certain characters and absolutely nailed their roles but almost none compare to Heath’s adaptation of the Prince of Crime. A lot of people were skeptical when it was announced that Ledger would be starring as DC’s most popular villain. He had roles before where he played a lighter, more romantic character and we hadn’t really seen him portray a darker character before. He really got into character and gave us is own Joker. He was gritty. His hair was greasy, his clothes were a dark shade of purple, his mannerisms were odd, and the poorly done clown makeup on his face didn’t come close to hiding the ghastly scars that were cut into his mouth. He called himself an agent of chaos, bent on destroying the order that supported Gotham City. Heath Ledger did a great job in what unfortunately became the final role in his career. Rest in peace.

The setting of the movie is Gotham City, a place that is slowly deteriorating from the abuse it has took from the criminals living in it. Gotham City is dark and grey with 13th century structure designs like gargoyles. I think that using Chicago as the main landscape was a fine choice. It has that eerie vibe that adds to the mood of the film.

I think that “The Dark Knight” is a really good film. The acting was on point. I think that Christopher Nolan does a great job of incorporating the two villains into the plot because most of the time when you have multiple villains, the story gets clustered and rushed, but I don’t think that happened in this movie. Chicago was a good match for Gotham City. My rating for this movie is 4.7/5.