Christmas with the Kranks

Ella Bullman, Journalism I Student

In this classic Christmas movie “Christmas with the Kranks,” a family in a cheerful community decide to skip Christmas for a year. Which is crazy to the rest to their neighbors because they go all out every year, but with their daughter Blair out of the country they decided to book a luxury cruise instead. This creates humor because Luther is going all out, getting Botox and a spray tan. The movie is a comedy based on holiday chaos. Their plan eventually gets changed due to a surprise on Christmas Eve and have to figure out how to bring Christmas back.

The movie was released on November 24, 2004. One thing I didn’t like was the lawn energy and boringness of the character Luther played by Tim Allen he was not likable and came off rude and self-centered.  A thing I really like is the performance by Jamie Lee Curtis playing Nora Banks she was a perfect fit for the role incorporating humor and positivity. “Christmas with the Kranks” is known for its amazing soundtrack holding spin-off and rap versions of Christmas classics.

This movie is PG is has few inappropriate jokes but overall is safe for younger children. I would recommend this to young adult or older people because younger children wouldn’t really get the humor or jokes. Older people may enjoy the comedy and craziness of Christmas time. I overall rate this movie a three out of five because it’s a normal holiday comedy movie, its nothing we haven’t seen before. Some scenes and characters don’t make sense like the crazy neighbors are a little excessive. This movie is a good classic movie to watch every year during the holidays.