Is College Education Necessary?

Ella Bullman, Journalism I Student

College education gives you an edge on life and your future. Higher or college education is necessary if you want to be successful and achieve your future goals. Many people do not attend college for reasons like money, distance or grades, college is not easy to get into so only the best are accepted. But college may not be in your plans which it’s not for everyone. Advantages of college are self-coincidence, independence and economic stability. It will expose you to people and ideas you couldn’t see in high school.

Our country makes it fairly easy to attend college with scholarships, grants, financial aid and smaller or community colleges to avoid the high cost of college. College not only helps building their skills but also help develop your interests and career path. It also helps with artistic and expressive ways of learning which isn’t taught in high school. According to in recent statistics people with college degrees are most likely to perform better than ones with a high school diploma. There’s also a higher rate of job acceptance and better earnings. Colleges can help with job development like getting an internship through your professor or college.

Professors are important to get a good relationship with they have connections that can help your future. You can earn job recommendations and referrals for programs or internships. Colleges normally organize fairs, workshops and many others to help you explore your major or career path which isn’t provided as often in high school. The campus events can help you find fields of interest. They target specific careers and students to make sure students are making the right decisions.

A college education helps you convert skills into a organized way of thinking for job preparation. You need determination, teamwork, innovative, and time management to succeed in college. Without these skills you will struggle in the real world so college prepares you for everything and more. A college student blog says, one thing I gained from college was independence and stepping out of my shell from being introverted and scared during my first semester.

Another thing is college effects is your confidence level in your education. With higher education than others you will feel more important and valuable to the world. College has many positive impacts and things to learn about. College education is very necessary for our country to be successful in our jobs and careers.