5 Vacation Destinations

Ella Bullman, Journalism I Student

I like to vacation and travel a lot and have experiences with the travel world. Most of these places are in the United States and I have visited myself. A couple of them are for International travel. This list holds places for people with all different interests. There is tropical, nature-based or touristy places to visit and relax for the perfect vacation.

First, is the Grand Canyon located in Arizona near the Colorado River. This canyon offers activities for everyone, even for a day trip or a whole trip, there is plenty to do. The views are amazing especially from the helicopter tour or skydiving above the canyon. They also offer whitewater rafting in the rapids of the Colorado River with stunning views.

Niagara Falls, a three waterfall cluster a natural world wonder. The Maid of the Mist Is the main attraction at the falls, a boat rides under the falls. Around the waterfalls are many lodges and Inns to stay in for a trip. They are definitely a thing to see in your lifetime and nothing you have ever seen before.

Yellowstone National Park, a large and oldest national park located in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. It holds geysers, hot springs, lakes and tons of wildlife. It is a landscape like no other and unique. Each year 3.8 million people visit this park.

Great Barrier Reef, this is located in Australia and the largest reef in the world. This is the best place to scuba dive and snorkel with thousands of marine life surrounding you. If you do not like scuba diving, you can go on the helicopter tour and see it from above.

St. Lucia in the Caribbean islands a volcano surrounded by a beautiful resort and beach. It has luxurious shores and a boutique for complete comfort. Nearby there are rainforests and volcanic peaks to look at. Hiking, zip lining are big attractions in the area, it is also a prime honeymoon destination.