The Office

Skylar Ahner, Journalism I Student

“The Office” is my favorite show on television. It is very funny and has a lot of entertaining characters in it. My favorite character in it is Jim Halpert. I think he is very funny and I like how he pranks Dwight Schrute. I think the funniest character on the show is Dwight because he tales everything very serious and ends up making things hilarious.

I really love the story line of the show. They picked very good actors to play the parts. I think that Michael Scott carried the show and after he left it wasn’t as good. Some of my favorite scenes in the show was when Dwight had the fake fire precaution and everyone started panicking and throwing things through the windows. Another scene that I really liked was when Jim and Pam got married in Niagara Falls.

My favorite couple in the series was Jim and Pam because they were just a like and had good humor. The most character that I did not like in the show was Deangelo Vickers because he was Michael’s replacement for regional manager and he was really rude to the workers and his humor was terrible.

I wish that “The Office” would make a reunion episode to catch up on what everyone was doing. Every cast member that they picked for the show matched there character perfectly. The office had very funny parts in it and had some very sad parts in it.

My favorite scene between Dwight and Michael was at Dwight’s wedding when Dwight has to see him again. My favorite episode of the Office is the last one when all the characters come back for Dwight and Angela’s wedding. I think the Office is the funniest and the best TV series on television.