Love Hard

Savannah Keife, Journalism I Student

The movie “Love Hard” is a great movie. It is very entertaining and good for the whole family. “Love Hard” is a Christmas movie, directed by Hernán Jiménez. It is also a comedy and a romance film. The film released in December 2021.

The movie is about a girl named Natalie from Los Angeles, who is a writer, failing at finding her soulmate. She goes on many dates from a dating app and none of them seem to work out. After each date, she writes an online article about how the date went wrong. One night when she is searching for someone, she finds a person who seems like the perfect one for her. She proceeds to talk to this man, Josh, for a while.

When Christmas is around the corner, she flies to the east coast to surprise Josh. Since misfortune always seems to follow Natalie, during her travels she manages to loose her luggage and get lost. She finally ends up at Josh’s house, but when she is met with someone different, things take a turn.

I would rate this film a four and a half out of five. It is fun and will bring laughs to the family. “Love Hard” shows the importance family and being with the people you care for, during the holidays. I really enjoyed this movie. The actors really brought emotions to the film. “Love Hard” is definitely a feel-good Christmas rom-com; honestly, when I first started watching this movie, I did not know what to expect. I am glad I watched the whole film because it truly is a great movie.