Step Brothers

Brittany Brown, Journalism I Student

I have watched the movie “Step Brothers” several times. This movie is the perfect comedy for anyone who needs a good laugh. I feel the actors chosen did a perfect job playing the scenes. The actors Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly are pushed together as brothers. The parents of these unemployed grown men have fallen in love and moved in together, forcing the new brothers to live in the same house. Neither of them will accept each other into the adult family. Conflict begins to rise and the comedy begins.

I feel the movie being one hour and 30 minutes, is the perfect length to play out the story. The characters are very dramatic and loud, which I feel makes it even more hilarious. Seeing the two grown men arguing and yelling over a drum set and other little things, is bound to bring a chuckle out of anyone. I do not think I would have changed a single thing about the movie. I do not have anything negative to say. It was written perfectly and acted perfectly.

I recommend this for a mature audience. There is some foul language and adult jokes. Although some scenes have harsh language, I would recommend this for a family night with mature young teens and adults. I have watched this movie the most with friends as a 13 or 14 year old and still watch it now as I am turning 18 soon. This movie never seems to get old.