The Evolution of Fashion

Emma Weikart, Journalism I Student

Fashion has evolved over the 1900s for women in the west. Each decade has an iconic look to them. Some aspects have died off, while some have stuck around to the present day. These are the top 5 most iconic decades for women’s fashion.

#5- The 80’s

The 1980’s are iconic for permed hair and shoulder pads. Their makeup was bold, filled to the brim with color. Fashion was borrowed heavily from men’s wear. Padded business suits combined with pastel colors made the power suit. Padded suits were so popular that they bled into the early 90s.

#4- The 60’s

The 1960s have many iconic looks. One trend many people think of today are the hippies. It was a very anything goes type of fashion. They notably wore bell bottom jeans, fringed jackets and colorful patterns. It’s very recognizable due to what it represented. The hippies were all about breaking free of societies rules and standards.

#3 The 50’s

The 1950’s are most known for the full skirts and “classic” patterns, although pants were very common for women at this point. The iconic shape was achievable by the foundation layers and petticoats. The top of their dress had either hidden or revealed buttons. Polka dots and stripes were very popular patterns. The dangerous girls wore bullet bras, a bra but cone padding. To keep the tips pointed, many women stuffed them.

#2 The 70’s

The 1970’s are hands down known for disco. Afros became a staple of night clubs. Clothes wise the body suit with platform heels were widespread. Bright, sparkly colors were beloved by the youth. Makeup reflected the clothes and was bright and bold.

#1- The 20’s

The 20s is the decade of 1sts. Many people think of the flapper in speakeasies. The dresses were loose and sleeveless, coming just below their knee, revealing their calves. It’s very similar to every day wear, except skirts and sweaters were common during the day. Their hair was cut short, although some only cut the front while putting the rest into a bun.

Each decade has an iconic look. People remember them for various reasons. Whether that stem from history, media, or their memories. It’ll be fun to see where fashion will take us next and what will be forgotten, live on or become the staple.