The Importance of Art Education

Brittany Brown, Journalism I Student

Many people question the importance of arts education. Some of the courses may include art class, theatre, and even a music course like band or choir. It is not for every student to enjoy, but every student is capable of participating in it. Some kids prefer to write rather than take a gym class, and others prefer music and art class more than math. Although students have to do all of the above, we cannot make it miserable on everyone who has interest on multiple things. Some feel that taking a class of arts is like taking a break from regular school.

Arts education is a way for all students to express themselves, even for the ones who do not find interest in it. Although some may do it differently or better, it is something that everyone is able to do. Anyone has the ability to draw something and anyone can sing, even if they think they may not be good. Many use bright colors in paintings and drawings to incorporate bright personalities. Others play in the band to express they are love for music. It is all about getting out of your shell and being yourself.

These courses can be considered a break from all the difficult things in school. Some students may enjoy working on math or reading but others find pleasure in the different subjects in arts education. Depending on the assignments, some of the classes may even be considered easy. Who doesn’t love easy?

All students should have the choice to take an arts class. Without the option for those courses, the school day may drag and be boring. In addition, as an adult you can make careers out of those subjects. People go on in life being actors, artists, and famous musicians. These fine arts classes are very beneficial for students who want to make a career out of it.

Although we have several benefits for these courses, some may argue to take them out of school and focus more on academic activities. Fine arts classes are just as import as other courses. They can be used as a way for all students to express themselves, they can relieve stress and give a short and somewhat easy break from the regular school day, and they can be great practice for a career. Arts education is one of the most important subjects in schooling. All students should have the advantage of being introduced to the courses.