A Series of Unfortunate Events

Mary Morrison, Journalism I Student

“A Series of Unfortunate Events” directed by Brad Silberling. You may think I am only talking about the books, but you are mistaken. I am also talking about the show. It is one of my main go-to shows because this show has so much suspense and can take you for a turn in their world. I have read all the books, and watched all three seasons of this show. There is a difference between them both; if you read the books then watch the movie you will realize the major and minor differences. The differences in the book and show is one of my dislikes, but it’s not only that, it’s the way that Count Olaf has kept coming back and no one believing the kids, they keep reaching out but they can’t ever win. My likes are that they made the show feel so realistic and emotional. In addition, imagine how much effort they put in the costumes, I mean come on Count Olaf had a new disguise every book.


This show primarily falls into a couple categories: Family and Kids. “A Series of Unfortunate Events” is about the Baudelaire children, Klaus, Violet and Sunny. The Baudelaire parents passed away in their own home during a fire, and the kids have to go with a long distance relative or so they think. His name is Count Olaf and he is out for their fortune. After the Baudelaire’s banker, Mr. Poe realizes that Count Olaf does not want them, he tries finding them a better home. However, no matter how far they go the Baudelaire’s are, he always finds them. Every relative they have stayed with has passed away in tragic matters because of Count Olaf. He will go leaps and bounds until he gets their fortune, what happens to them? Well that you are going to have to find out on your own.


I believe that in this show the acting, costumes, lighting, location, everything, is amazing. The locations are exactly as they were in the books and they were so detailed. The lighting was perfect even when they were inside the caves or in their little shack. The acting was impressive, every one played their role perfectly even Sunny and she’s a baby. Just the whole show was amazing there some likes and dislikes of course but that always happens, there are some points in the show I just feel like I’m there in the show like when the narrator comes on the screen and starts talking about schemes and what’s going on. The only thing I think I would change about the show is that it would be more like the book, there are some important details that could really be added. I do not want to change anything else it is just a suspenseful and amazing show.


I would recommend “A Series of Unfortunate Events” to everyone. This book may not be for everyone, but give it a chance. I know the only reason I read this book was for a project in class, but I ended up loving it and I even own some of the books now. This book can show how much love the siblings have and how protective they are of each other, They not only do that but they also help each other to get out of bad situations. My overall rating on this book and show is an eight out of ten.