Early Out Game Days

Students come to school throughout the month and every other month we are supposed to be granted an early dismissal. An early out is when the students are dismissed at 1:00pm rather than 3:30pm. When we have early outs we have classes first through sixth and then we leave to go home or whatever we have planned that day. I think we should give students a break on early outs and they can be able to do whatever it is they please.
To begin with, early dismissals only happen once every other month-if we’re lucky because we haven’t been having them recently. Students complete their work and are already stressed with homework, sports, home life, and their job environment, so why not give them a break!? Students can play games, cards, color, relax, or nap. The teachers could even plan to take the students somewhere. Imagine if the teacher was able to transport the students to wherever they wanted to go for lunch that day. I feel like if teachers and students were able to have that sort of bond, the connection would become closer and the student will be more intrigued.
Early outs should be fun in my opinion, however, we still have to do our normal classes and continue working on assignments for our report cards. Everyone worries about their education and I do believe that is important, but I think kids should know how to have fun in school as well.