Senior Advice

A senior advice letter is something I never saw anyone take seriously. Most of them just say simple quotes like “do your homework” or, “make sure you don’t get behind in your classes,” but I’ve never seen a letter that gave me goosebumps and look forward to coming to high school. If i was still in middle school, i may not be as aware of things like i am now, however, it’s important to make a good influence on the younger students because they really do look up to the “big dog seniors.”
If i was to write a letter, I would make sure the student knows how important it is to pass their classes. I would also encourage the student to do everything for themselves-and not in a selfish way, either. I want students to know it’s okay not to rely on anyone and I want them to know how important it is to focus on your education rather than what all your friends are wearing that week. Kids can have fun and high school is more free than elementary and middle school. You’re growing into adulthood, you have more slack because you’re becoming more responsible.
If I could ever express to anyone, I just want them to know it is okay to do everything by yourself and worry about your future instead of everyone else. The hard truth in life is no one is going to be by your side forever. You may have one good friend who never leaves you, however, when college comes, or they want to take a different class because they want to pursue that education, you’re on your own and you have to restart all over again. You are the only one who is going to get yourself through times and I think everyone should know this.