If Pets Could Talk

Have you ever talked to your animal and wish they would talk back? -I know I cannot be the only one. If your fish could talk, what do you think it would say? Do you ever think about what is going on in your cat or dog’s mind while they are waiting for you to get home? If animals were able to talk, what would you and your pet discuss? Sometimes it may seem funny to think about animals talking, however, I believe if they were actually somehow able to, it would help humans a lot more.
When I’m sad, my dog knows. He comes up to me and he will put his head in my lap and I hug him tight because at that moment, he is the only one there for me. When no one else is home and it is just you and your animal, the comfort they can bring can relieve so much stress and anger or anxiety the human is feeling. We talk to our pets as if they know what we are saying and sometimes they actually do because of how they respond. I believe if our animals could talk, more people might be less depressed and sad because we would always have a friend by our side regardless if that friend has a tail, or swims in the water.