Chill Periods

Students should be able to have a free period at least once a week during school. I feel like students are always under a bunch of stress because of school work, their actual jobs, and sports or other activities they are in. I believe students get overwhelmed by the amount of work they get. Teachers give students work little by little, however, after some time or even within two to three days that work builds up and the students could end up with a bad grade. It’s not even the fact that they are a bad student, they just don’t have enough time to turn everything in by the deadline.
I think students should have at least one free or chill period during the school day at least once a week. During this time students can relax, hangout, play cards or games, talk with friends, or some might even use the time to catch up on work. I feel like this could be good for the students because it allows them to not focus on anything for 45 minutes and they are able to have a mental break. This could be healthier for the students because they can just relax and enjoy the free time they have.