Leaving for Lunch

The lunches in this school, along with many other schools, are based off of a nutrition plan that is supposed to be healthier for the students and staff. We are given wheat bread, low fat milk, low calories, and sugar free everything. If students go to school to further their education, then why are they so worried about what the students eat? Breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day and it becomes hard to focus when all you are getting to eat is a fruit cup and about a half pint of milk. We have had times where we’ve gotten grilled cheese in a bag in which the cheese looked like melted plastic and had the texture of putty.
I believe students should be able to leave during school and go get whatever they want for lunch. Throughout our small, rural town there’s only a handful of places to eat, however, the only thing is they are fast food restaurants. Students aren’t allowed to leave school because of the fact they don’t want students to get into a wreck or they are afraid the students will not come back to school. I can understand this, but without trust I truly believe there is nothing and I feel like there should be trust within the faculty and the students to come back to school, otherwise, there will obviously be consequences for those who do decide not to return to school.