Bring Your Pet to School Day

Everyday, students go through the same thing each day at school. We get off the bus or out of the car, head to class, have breakfast, go to more classes, and then we have lunch and after that are more classes. Everyday is a stressful and eventful day for most students. I believe there are ways to change the boredom in the classrooms and a way to have fun in school appropriately.
I believe we could invent something each day a month that the students would love and participate in. Imagine if once a day out of every month students were allowed to bring their pet to school with them. They would be completely and utterly responsible for their own animals. I think if we could add some excitement to our school, it would not only make the students look forward to coming to see everyone else’s animals, but also it could be a good way to communicate with others at the school and become closer with different people. If someone has an animal that you wouldn’t normally talk to, you could make a new friend by asking about their animal.
Bringing your pet to school once a month could also be a stress reliever. If you’re having a bad day your best friend is going to be there every minute of the day. Students could take their pets outside for bathroom use, but the student will have to clean up their animal’s mess. I think this can be a really interesting idea, however, I’m sure guidelines and rules will have to be set father in stone.