Pollution is an Exponentially Worsening Problem

Everyone knows what pollution is, what causes pollution, and that pollution is an underlooked issue. While this is all objective fact, many people have radically different ideas about pollution with some believing heavy stops and safeguard need to be put in palace, and others pushing that it doesn’t matter at all and that it’s problems are a myth. These are the two extreme sides of the argument, and many people actually have very good opinions on how pollution should be handled. The problem comes, however, when it is not handled the way that the majority of people think it should be handled, simply to fund already extremely rich companies.

Pollution causes anything from air becoming poisonous to the earth continuously getting hotter and harder to live on. This is a major issue for many reasons, and while it might not kill us and our generation, it’ll surely kill those ahead of us and most likely affect us heavily before we pass. For example, just two days ago the Colorado Air Pollution Control Staff told employees to pass any data no matter how it was screened, even if it was clearly bad for the environment and against their jobs [1]. Why would they do this? Money of course, and they simply tried to appease their managers and the higher-ups,and will hopefully lose their jobs. While this is a smaller case of corruption and standards being ignored, there are numerous examples of larger companies committing much worse infractions and simply paying the fine, because the fine is actually usually cheaper than it is to properly dispose of it. This means companies would rather up and take the fine than deal with the money involved in proper disposal. Recently, however, the government has been taking stronger steps against these companies and fining them more heavily, but not near heavily enough [2]. All of this is just a small example of the major effects caused by corporations and facilities, and there are literally hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of power plants and places like this horribly corrupting the globe at all times. This is not sustainable, and just looking up “Pollution” on google leads to hundreds of results showing the dangers and new problems that are arising from it.

1: Colorado Pollution Incident
2: Companies Need Higher Fines on Pollution