Horoscope signs are a thing that most people are using to justify their personalities and actions. Horoscopes were discovered almost 2,400 years ago, and we still use them to this day. They are based on the position of the sun on your date of birth. I was born september 17th, 2003. Therefore I am classified as a virgo. Virgos tend to be extreme perfectionists, they’re very logical people. They’re also said to be kind and loyal friends to literally everyone, unless you hurt them, then it’s over for you. I personally believe that horoscopes can say alot about someone just from personal experience.
Every Scorpio I’ve met has been a very manipulative narcissist. The cancers i’ve met have always been very insecure and isolated. That being said i haven’t really met any other zodiac signs that i can make judgments off of. Dont get me wrong, i believe in zodiacs corresponding with personality types and influencing them but if you wont talk to someone because of their zodiac sign then youre just stupid. If you think that a zodiac sign makes that person who they are then you’re sadly mistaken, yes i’ve had bad experiences with scorpios but that doesnt mean im not gonna be friends with them just because of that. That being said, zodiac signs are more common now and although they don’t determine who you are and what you do, they certainly influence your spiritual level.