Prom Proposals

Every girl wants to have a prom proposal. It is a highlight to any person’s high school years. It is getting to the time of the year when prom proposals are going to start happening, so if you need ideas keep reading.
A good way to do a prom proposal is to incorporate one of the person’s favorite things. That could be a favorite candy or a favorite sport. Most people are really big, and some people do not go as big. It all depends on what type of person you are and if you like big things. Some people might just ask privately then some might do it in front of the whole school. Some ideas to do to ask someone to prom is:
If they play basketball you can write p-r-o-m on tiny basketballs and possibly ask them after a game when they come out of the locker room
You could do a scavenger hunt and then you can lead them up to you holding a sign that says prom.
Another way you can do it is incorporate room into it, and you can spell out p-r-o-m in some kind of food.
One more way to ask someone is to decorate the person’s room when they are not home and then you can ask them as soon as they come in.
If you want to ask someone to prom then you could use one of these ways to ask them. If you do not like these ways then you could look up more ways to ask someone.