School Dress Code

I think the school administration should rethink some of the statements in the school dress code. I understand the rules against tank tops and short shorts because nobody wants to see that, but I feel like we should be allowed to dress more comfortably. I believe that when girls do wear shorts, they always make them change, and I don’t understand why. Even if a guy would wear a muscle shirt to school, he would get in trouble because that is considered distracting.

I feel like we should be able to wear sweatpants, pajama pants, more of the soft clothing that no one sees anyone wear in school. I remember we weren’t even allowed to wear pajama pants and to me, that doesn’t make sense. Honestly, people make others look to be so bad, because they want to wear shorts to school or a cute outfit, but maybe that is because they want to be comfortable. People say not to wear certain things because it’s “distracting” but how is that fair for everyone?

I think girls should be able to wear shorts as long as they are sticking to the dress code rules. They need to be more strict on the guidelines because in my opinion, skinny girls who wear short shorts and get away with it may not be the same as a bigger girl wearing short shorts and getting made fun of for it or asked to change. I have seen this happen to some friends and other people, otherwise, I wouldn’t have brought it up. In my opinion, however, the dress code needs to be revised and rethought because I believe we should be able to wear more loose clothing like sweats, leggings, and pajamas, and be more comfortable in the style of clothing we want to wear.