Although different religions are becoming more known, not very many people accept it if it doesn’t include God or Jesus. I personally practice witchcraft and it honestly helped me alot. There are many different kinds of witchcraft as well as many different ways to practice it. A Lot of people view witchcraft as satanic or demonic but that’s not the case at all. Believe it or not, most people who practice witchcraft are more at peace with themselves as well as mother nature. That being said, it is really hard to get to that point considering the way human nature is today.
Today, it is a normal thing to not like yourself and hold grudges against other people. All the people i know who have been practicing witchcraft have been more calm, understanding, and respectful of other people’s decisions or actions. A big part of today’s most common form of witchcraft is using what mother nature gives to help better yourself and bring calmness and peace to your inner self and environment. I was raised in a very religious household where the bible was our saving grace. I slowly began to realize just how generous mother nature truly is, and I decided to respect her gifts and treat her with the love and respect she deserves. My father did not support this, he found it stupid but my mom said to believe in what makes me happy so here i am, giving to mothernature as she continues to give me my needs.