How Has COVID Affected Student Grades?

As COVID has appeared and has caused action all around. There has been many people affected by this involving their jobs, health, and school especially! Many students have not been in school like they were wanting to be. There has been a large change when it comes to schools being in session. Many schools around us hasn’t even stepped foot in their school for at least a month. St. Marys has been really blessed when it comes to being in school due to the Covid experience.
Although we have been in school more than others, we still had to experience the virtual school. Virtual school can and is hard for students/ individuals that have issues with WiFi, and concentration. When you are sitting at home you have a lack of motivation. There are distractions that can be around you and just the fact of being in your bed or on your couch just stops you from being able to concentrate or focus. Many students have just fallen off the grid in a way and just stopped appearing at the meetings and slept in instead.
Many may believe that since it’s online that it’s non important and that it doesn’t count against you. In reality it costs a lot and counts against you if its dint done or completed. When we went back to in person school teachers started to notice a chain reaction happening throughout all grades and that was students had many assignments missing and they were now carrying an F in multiple classes. I don’t agree with the virtual school, but it’s just what has to be done in order to keep covid all calm.
If gathering together, it would case more people becoming ill and then our county would be shut down for longer than it was before. I just think that for those who aren’t completing anything in their classes should be required a person who is willing to help them and get them caught up with their assignments. The attendance and the grade average that is going on right now wouldn’t be acceptable in a “normal year”.