Is Remote Learning Beneficial?

Considering the pandemic that we are currently under, Many states have decided to switch to remote learning instead of in person school. Personally I believe that this method of teaching is very ineffective considering wifi as well as teenage procrastination. “I think it goes back and relates to how the information is being presented to them,” said Dr. William George, Outpatient Child Psychiatrist at Arnot Health. This means that the teachers are even more responsible for effective teaching while remote.
During remote classes, students can mute themselves as well as mute the teacher but if the class is as enjoyable online as it would be in school then the students would be more apt to pay attention and finish work. Remote learning is not only difficult for girls and high school students, but it’s extremely difficult for boys grades 4-8. “Girls process language on both sides of their brains, boys only one side…That’s why girls, I’m speaking in generalities now, girls tend to speak earlier than boys, learn to read earlier, write earlier, but our boys not so much. Boys need movement. Boys are very spatial. They are more mechanical. They’re very visual.” This was said by Doctor Greene on 18 news. Now, with that being said many students, other than myself, react very well and learn very well from remote learning. Sadly, if you have really bad procrastination, remote learning is not for you.