Alternatives to Prom

With Covid shutting down the world around us, many wonder what the school will do concerning prom. Sadly due to rules on lots of people in enclosed spaces, there’d won’t be a prom for our seniors. That doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the end of our high school career among ourselves. There’s a lot of options for seniors to come together in small groups and celebrate. Also, Prom may not sound like much fun to you; check out these alternative ideas that you might enjoy more than a formal prom gathering.

One idea is a picnic with friends. Music, food, and good company can be worth so much more than a massive celebration like the prom. 5-6 friends gathering outdoors, in a park, or at the Marina can be a wonderful way to say goodbye to school, St. Marys, or even the State.

Another option is a lunch gathering with friends. There’s a lot of good restaurants close by to spend an hour or two. Two good options for a good meal with friends is Tokyo for its amazing atmosphere and good food. The other option is Chams, which offers Lebanese food, which is an amazing culture many people haven’t tried.

These are just a few ways to celebrate your senior year with those you’re close to. Get creative, have fun, and most importantly of all stay safe.