Could this be the next market crash?

At this current time which is March 4, 2021 at 9:54 am the whole stock market is down and will probably continue to go down at the rates of all the big hedge funds pulling out millions of dollars from their holdings. The market has been past due its time for a correction in the market since the whole market has been on average going up a lot within the past 4 years. If rates continue like how they’re heading then I could see a market crash about to happen. Yes there will be people losing a lot of money, but hopefully lots of people will take advantage and start buying large amounts of stocks, because lots of people will become millionaires from within the next few months as price will most likely rise at upwards of at least 50% depending on what types of industries they invest in. Personally I’ve been trying to save up as much money as I can doing some part time jobs to buy some Nio shares. Which is a luxurious electric car company in China that’s been backed by the Chinese government.

Although it has dropped almost 50% with the market going down. I could see the stock skyrocketing to $80 or even $100 per share. At this rate if you don’t invest now you’ll miss out on one of the largest upsides this year. Please note that I’m not a certified finance expert and you should do research on what you invest in, but personally that’s what I’ve been investing a majority of my portfolio into.