Tesla Is A Scummy Company

Elon Musk is in charge of many companies, overseeing countless grand projects and new cars. The main company of his focus though is Tesla, an electric car company that is shown around by Musk as advanced, efficient, and safe. Tesla has a great reputation internationally, with Musk at one point becoming the richest person in the world, and has gained massive wealth, popularity, and recently some criticism. Tesla factories see many employees speaking out about the dangers and difficulties of working in the conditions they are put through. One Business Insider article entitled “Tesla factory workers took twice as many days off last year than in 2017 because of injury or sickness,” points out just how Tesla has been sweeping injuries under the rug for months if not years, as well as making little to no attempt to fix or amend their mistakes. More recently, there have also been allegations levied against Musk as he supposedly shuts down and harasses any workers attempting to Unionize, with tensions leading to Musk having two workers fired. Musk’s company faced the bare minimum punishment when this was revealed, having only to rehire the men or pay them a meager sum to get the courts to stop bothering them. Overall, Musk’s companies as well as Musk himself are dangerous and out-of-control things that take advantage of smaller people for a profit.