$5 Date Ideas

If you’re struggling to find a date idea or don’t have enough money to go out on a $20 or even $10 date then look no further for I’ve found and have came up with a great list of date ideas that’ll cost as little as $5.
For starters you could make some food together and go out for a picnic and enjoy each other’s company as well as the outdoors. Another great idea especially with all this recent snow is to go sledding together and grab a mug of hot chocolate afterwards. You can also meet up for some coffee or tea and go for a walk afterwards at a park. Sometimes even a nice cruise at night looking at houses and going stargazing could be a good way to bond and figure out each other’s preferences through the kinds of houses they like.
Really the whole purpose of a date is to have a good time with your significant other and get to know them more. So in that aspect if you’re struggling to figure out what to do on a date then don’t stress out because you can turn just about anything into a date.
One of my favorite go to date ideas is going to a 7 Eleven or Speedway and having a slushie date. You can grad snacks at the gas station as well and rent or use Netflix to put on a movie while snacking on your favorite candies and popcorn. It’s basically a stay at home version of a movie theater. Especially during this COVID-19 pandemic I believe this will become a more common idea for couples.